もっと詳しく商品を見たい方ははコチラ をご覧ください。

I realized that it is already ending of February. I'm updating my blog in hurry now.

A new product is released in BELLE MAISON. It is the different colors of the pattern which became the down blanket last year. That the pattern which I designed for cloth became other products (paper-related hard cover)! Because it was the first experience, it was a very mysterious feeling when I watched the finish. It is the photo album which it became the warm color, and there is the atmosphere girlish (?).

The image is one of the big size. It can hold 600 pieces of photographs. It is suitable for the person who takes a lot of photo. There is a small size also, and this one is a disk holder. It can hold 64 pieces of CD or DVD.

I am going to put a lot of memories of my daughter and son in this from now on.
Lastly, thanks SENSYUKAI for helping me a lot. 

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