I am writing this blog for the first time in this year. ...So,
Happy New Year!

More than half of January has already past, and I am spending the day-to-day fulfilling. I began weaving at last . It has past a lot since I took the loom into my studio in October last year. Now I am weaving the fabric of the sample finally. This is a sample of cloth upholstery .

I had wanted to make a chair with my husband  for a long time. I make the fabric , the the chair is designed by my husband. This is a slight exaggeration, but it is the one of the biggest reasons why I chose my husband? 

So, I think " This day came at last !" I want to announce the interior more and more in the future with him. This is the cloth of the first step. I will do my best to show the final shape of this chair now.